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Harmondsworth Great Barn

Sometimes referred to as the “Timber Cathedral of Middlesex”, Harmondsworth Great Barn is a huge, aisled, timber framed barn. It has twelve bays, making it one of the longest in England. It has three doors, but no wagon porches. It has a high stone plinth made from a mixture of brick and conglomerate slabs. Inside, the tall arcade posts are supported on metre high green sand plinths, which add to the great height of the main nave. The barn is 192 feet long, 38 feet wide and 37 feet high. Most of the timbers are original and are dated to about 1426. Unfortunately, at the moment, The Friends of Harmondsworth Great Barn are only able to open it one day a year for the London Open House. This usually takes place at the beginning of September so keep an eye open for this event next year.

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